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Modern Plantation Shutters
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Our Products
Custom Plantation Shutters

Classic Series

Our signature Plantation Shutter. Using high-quality materials and traditional joinery methods, our Classic Plantation Shutters are strongly built beautiful works of functional art.

Upgraded 2” deco frame is standard on all Classic Series shutters. Virtually any window or door shape can be fitted with these Shutters including arches, sliders, bi-folds, Café style, French doors, and odd shapes such as trapezoids.

Choice of 2 ½”, 3 ½”, 4 1/2or 5 ½” louvers at no additional cost. They come painted or stained in any color. We can even match your interior trim color or furniture satins if you wish.

Interior Plantation Shutters
Plantation Window Shutters

Cottage Series

High quality with value pricing. An unbeatable combination.

We noticed that many of our customers wanted similar features in their Plantation Shutters. We have incorporated these common Shutter elements into our Cottage Series to provide a cost-effective alternative to our Classic Series.

Built to the same high quality standard of The Classic,  The Cottage series come with 3 ½” louvers, 2 frame styles, and are painted in Sherwin Williams #7006, “Extra White”. Rectangular windows only. We also offer hidden tilt bars at a small additional cost. We invite you to check out our Cottage Series Shutters.


The size of the louvers is a personal preference, with decor style, opening depth, and light requirements influencing the selection.


For larger windows, or for those who seek a more contemporary look, wide louvers often work best and will allow in greater levels of light. For those wanting to achieve a more traditional look, narrow louvers are a perfect choice.

Wide Louvers traditional look
Custom Shutters made out of wood
Vinyl Pannel Shutters


Custom shutters from Millennium Shutters can be either wood or synthetic and are equivalent to high-quality products. In many cases we mix the two, using wood in most areas and synthetic in those areas such as showers where direct water impingement is a problem.

We can paint our synthetic shutters to match their wood counterparts so we maintain the same “look” in all areas.

High-quality wood and synthetic shutters are extremely stable and long-lived in the Florida environment. There are pros and cons for each. For example, wood tends to be lighter and thus better suited to larger panels, and, as a renewable resource, wood has a smaller carbon footprint.

Neither will warp or yellow over time but there is a wide range of quality in the marketplace, from hollow vinyl panels (to reduce the cost of the expensive oil-based raw materials) to lightweight fiberboard “wood” louvers. Millennium Shutters uses only the highest quality, solid raw materials and is assembled with you in mind. The louvers in both types are adjustable so that you can adjust the louvers if they “loosen up” with frequent use.

Embrace a sustainable environment

Our wood shutters are crafted from responsibly harvested hardwood found in private sustainable forests within the USA.

Our synthetic (wood composite) shutters are 100% recyclable and do not release harmful contaminants like formaldehyde, a common indoor pollutant, into your home.

Using advanced composite construction, our shutters resist the growth of fungus and bacteria, making them perfect for damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms, where mildew and odorous bacteria can be problematic.


Number of Panels

Associated with louver selection is the number of shutter panels in an opening. We can fabricate panels up to 50”, depending on the configuration, but often it is the aesthetics of multiple narrow panels versus fewer wider panels, that drive this choice.


Panels can be divided into upper and lower sections by adding mid-rails or divider rails. As a result, the louvers in each section can be opened and closed independently of each other. This is valuable in rooms like bedrooms where privacy can be controlled by closing the lower section while light can be controlled by opening and closing the upper section.


Tilt Rods

The louvers are normally controlled by a “tilt rod” in the center of the front of the panel. This is a very robust system but if a cleaner “look” is desired, the tilt rod may be moved to the rear of the louvers and across to one side so that the view through the shutters is unimpeded. This is known as “hidden tilt rod” or “clear view.”



It is important that shutters are mounted in a “square” environment. This squareness allows the shutters to open and close very precisely when you need to gain access to your windows.


To achieve this goal, we build a frame around the shutters so that the shutters are independent of the size and shape of the window opening. These frames are normally Z-shaped or L-shaped.


The choice is partially aesthetic and partly technical. With our local manufacturing capacity, we have a variety of options available when technical issues become the driving force behind frame selection.

Mid-Rails shutters


hidden rod shutters

Hidden Rod

tilt rod shutters

Tilt Rod

Stained wood
Shutters finish variations


As a locally manufactured custom product, we can provide you with a plethora of choices in finishes. Whether you choose to paint or stain, we can match them to your specific needs.


We paint or stain every order to the unique needs of each client and we work closely to ensure that the color matches deliver on your color and finish expectations.

Classic Series
Cottage Series
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