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5 Simple Things You Can Add To Your Home To Increase Its Value

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Want to increase the value of your home without breaking the bank? Is it possible? We believe it is. There are hundreds of cost-effective ways to increase your home’s value, and we have seen them all. We at Millennium Shutters love the fact that we have the opportunity to visit people's homes. We have installed more than 1 million square feet of plantation shutters in around 4,000 homes since we started 25 years ago. That's a lot of homes! In one of our team meetings, we came up with our top 5 simple things that we believe increase the value of a home.

Add a fresh coat of paint

One of the popular non-structural ways to increase your home’s value is to add a fresh coat of paint. It is an inexpensive tactic to make a home "fresh" and to increase the house’s value ultimately. The entire house design is determined and highlighted by the right color choices.

Millennium Plantation Shutters Colors

Research suggests that natural, nude, and cool color tones secure the houses for top-performing listings. They are so much better than old and outdated white walls. However, it is better to dig deeper into the research and ensure that the paint theme you are selecting goes with the structure of the house. A fresh coat of paint and the right color choice could increase thousands of dollars for you when it is time to sell the house. When it comes to home improvement projects, painting is the top choice for sellers. You might make repairs, improve the curb appeal or make your home energy efficient but adding a fresh coat of paint is a game-changer because it changes the outlook of the home’s structure.

Make your home energy-efficient

Energy-efficient homes are preferred by buyers because they are low-maintenance and reduce utility bills. Moreover, energy-efficient houses help to save the environment and preserve non-renewable energy.

The department of energy released a comprehensive report which determined that:

Millennium Plantation Shutters Energy Saving Options

Insulating the home-based water tank could save 16% in water heating costs because the insulation could reduce heat losses by a total of 45%. Moreover, replacing the commonly-used lighting fixtures with LED bulbs or energy stars could save you a whopping 9% on the annual electricity bill.

If we talk about structural home improvement, installing storm windows could help you reduce the electricity bill by 33% annually. Storm windows are cheap to install, are cost-effective, and are easy to replace with normal windows.

Complete minor repairs

While you are changing your home to save the environment and reduce annual utility bills, ensure that you get rid of the minor dings, squeaks, scratches, and dents on your door frames, floors, ceilings, etc.

Millennium Plantation Shutters Installation

If your doors are squeaking, stop the noise by spraying a little bit of WD-40. If the noise still does not stop, it’s high time that you replace the damaged hinges. If your floors are making funny noises or have minor dings, it is time to refinish them.

Test your toilet seats, smoke detectors, windows, and even drawers to ensure that they work properly. Every little effort to increase your home’s value counts. When everything is perfect and working properly, it creates a great impression on the buyers.

Improve the curb appeal of your home

The first impression of the house is important and can easily be upgraded by improving the landscape or the curb appeal of your home. It is relatively inexpensive as compared to installing a patio in the backyard and might be as simple as adding a few fresh shrubs or mulch.

Millennium Plantation Shutters Home

An accentuated curb with adequate lighting flagstone walkway increases functionality as well as the beauty of your home, which ultimately increases its value for the buyers. Upgrade even more? you might add a fountain or plants that seem structurally fit for your home’s outlook.

Plantation Shutters

Victoria Stultz from Engel & Völkers Venice Downtown office expressed that “Plantation Shutters are a smart investment. They give your home an attractive, customized look and are also energy efficient, which means potential home buyers will spend less money on utilities. They are also timeless, durable, and easy to maintain. These are just a few reasons why plantation shutters add value and are a good investment.”

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters control lights are easy to clean, affordable, fantastic for indoor privacy, and incredible for insulation.

Blinds discolor and tear while the Venetians break and twist. When selling, all buyers take a look at the window coverings and determine if they are high-maintenance or low-maintenance. But when they see top-rated plantation shutters, they sigh in relief because they are longer lasting. Local plantation shutters are there for the long haul and will remain intact as long as you keep maintaining them.

Millennium Shutters are designed to withstand discoloration and warping. We just visited a clients home, she builed an add on at her home and wanted to add plantation shutters to the new room, we served her home 15 years ago! the new shutters will look as new as the 15 year old coverings. The fact that they surpass the test of time relieves the buyer as they won’t have to invest in window coverings for a long time.

They provide privacy and proper light control

Homeowners are looking for privacy and investing in tech-savvy devices to deter crimes and theft. Plantation shutters provide an added layer of protection from outsiders. Unlike Venetians and draperies, you still have the option to control light while maintaining your privacy.

Millennium Plantation Shutters for Window

They are easy to clean

Plantation shutters are easy to maintain. All you need is some water and a soft cloth. Plantation shutters are an economical yet eco-friendly choice to make a great impression on the buyers. If you are looking for an incredible yet affordable window covering, explore the best place to buy plantation shutters near me and Google would hook you up with a lot of options.

If you are looking for a high return on investment, now is a great time to start the small yet value-changing home improvement projects for your home to attract high-end buyers. And remember, enjoy the process! you are adding value to your home!


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